Saturday, July 30, 2016

Exciting History? (Haven August Caption Contest Entry)

So loves, I've been thinking. How can I make history more exciting? I mean think about it. You can't really experience it. Good thing I found a solution.

Link to the contest to the contest is here:

and to my submission:

With some magical love,


You should really read the bottle first

Hello loves, how's everyone today? You see we've been working on tons of new products and releasing them to the public. Just make sure you double check the bottle.....

 With squeaky clean love,


Friday, July 29, 2016

Quick cap and Current status on blog

Hey loves, I know I haven't posted any thing lately and wanted to quickly explain. I've been working almost 75 hours weeks the last two weeks and having a hard time finding just time to even turn my computer on let alone caption. So I'm going to have to do a quick hopefully temporary change to my posts with only a few captions pure post instead of a set number. I've so little time lately that I only have one caption finished for the next set and have no clue when the rest could be done so instead of waiting for however long it takes to make them, I'm going to post just whatever I make as I make them.

I really didn't want to lower the amount pure post but I really don't have much a choice in order to keep the blog active right now and this has been a debate for several days now. I'm sorry to all you guys and I hope the go back to the way things where before all this.

With love,


Witching Hour- You really should watch what so you say to people.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Quick Set and My New Series is ago!!!

Hey loves, I just felt like making a few extra captions today and figured I might as well update! I've been working on a big project for about a month now with some help. I finally feel like it's in a situation where I can release it and say it's ago.

New series- Heroes and Villains!

The world has changed. New powers have risen and claimed. Some will try to bend the world to their twisted views and others will try to save it. What side will you choose? Will you survive a world were good and evil are at war and any one can become any thing?

This will mostly be a cosplay and anime series of super heroes and villains duking it out for the fate of the world! The caps will be a variety of origin stories, battles and victims. I'm hoping to keep it mostly cosplay but I know anime ones will be made to better capture some scenes. It's not really easy to find the right images is the reasoning behind this and keeps the goal of the series there along with creativity to do whatever I want with it.

I hope you all enjoy the captions. Most of these were made fairly quick so let's see how they go!

With Love,

Heroes and Villains- The Alien Amazon is our first hero. After finding Alien Technology, she has the power to fight back! Will you stand with her?

Heroes and Villains- Queen Flora is our first villain. Once a scientist trying to save nature, only thing stand in his was humans. After his work was nearly destroyed, an accident gave him the solution for our environment and the scum of man. Will you fall victim to her power?

Corrupt Witching Hour- We all know I love games. I just thought this guy would of thought this threw better.

Ophelia Industries- Quitting can be hard. They say you usually replace on addiction with another.
Witching Hour- I mean a woman has needs. You know that all to well now.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

100k views Caption-thon

 I know I'm late on my update but it's been a week loves but before I bore you with the details, I'll announce our latest celebration, 100k views! It hasn't been very long at all since my 50k views post and now we've doubled it in just this short time. Honestly I find it hard to believe but I want to thank all of you for your support.

I really want to keep this short but I'm working on some thing new and big. I won't give away to many details yet but it'll be some thing very interesting, almost heroic but I giving away another hint would be villainous so with that I'll leave you guys to have fun guessing.

With twice as many eyes of love,


Infectious Ink- Least she was polite enough to tell you her story before she cursed you.
Outbreak- Should of went home alone last night

Random Roulette- An idea from a fan. You guys think I should make more like this?

Seeds of Corruption- A gift for the Wizard of Darkness, now if I only knew your real name.

The Lab- Can you imagine waking up in his situation. Least he knows his client.

Random Roulette- Honestly this was just a funny picture I had to caption

The Farm- You relationships aren't my thing. Men are only good for a couple of things.
Circe's Island- A gift for Brittany. I hope she enjoyed her stay.

The Lab- Witness protection, the lab style.
Corrupt Witching Hour- You know what they say, Payback is a bitch

Friday, July 1, 2016

New Series, New Partner, Changes are here! Are you ready?

Welcome back, loves. I've got a lot to talk about today so lets just jump to it.

 First off- Labels are here! I know I should of done it sooner but now you can find your favorite series just with a simple click of it's name.

Second off- New series are here! Monster Madness has arrived. All the heroes keep trying to slay my wonderful creations. So I have to replace them right? Liquid Latex came into light with the return of the Latex Queen. Can you resist her gooey embrace? Random Roulette is here. So many ways to transform. How will you? And lastly, Corrupt Caps are here. Now what are Corrupt Caps you ask? They are caps that have no restrictions. Any thing is can happen in them and will happen. No limits on the possibilities and I won't hold back on the weird. Also I have removed all old restrictions on series. What does this mean? There can now be anime captions in any series and real photos in any series. With all these changes some series have been cut. Culture Shock which was only known about in the poll has been cut due to lack of interest by me. Academy is also going away but there's more to this one in just a moment.

Third off- My dear friend Brittany and I have formed a partnership. She has returned to captions and we have decided to work together on ideas and series. So you can now see your favorite series also on her blog. Some of my discontinued series here will be continued there. (Like Academy)

Lastly polls have been changed so vote on your favorites!

Now after a long update that I'm sure forgot a few things, the captions.

With love,


Random Roulette- You know you shouldn't go through people's stuff.

The Corrupt Brothel- You know we have every kinda girl you can dream about here at the brothel. Are you willing to pay the price.

Madness Monster- I hope your ready to battle my creations or join them.

Liquid Latex- So close to stopping the Latex Queen, so close

Random Roulette- Did you really fall for that?