10K views Caption Party

WE DID IT LOVES!!! I can't believe it honestly. I didn't think I'd ever hit 500 views and yet here we our now. I want to thank Dawn and Rachael. Most of my traffic comes from them and I would still be a no body trying to make it with no clue where to go. Well to celebrate I've got ten new captions and I tried to cover every thing I could and I want to try a different approach to the Game Over series. I've debated doing anime caps for a while now as kinda side series (similar to Circe's Island with Transformation captions) and I've decided to it as my anime captions series and hoping it give me a chance to out up a better variety I mean I just want to make caps and I think it'll help me branch out and no feel so limited by my own universe. I'm thinking of maybe branching some TF captions on it as well not just TG as there's much more source material for these kinda captions. Let me know what you guys think but I won't bore you with any more plans. You came here for caps and you shall receive.