6 months and 50k views Captionaton

I can't believe it loves. It's been almost six months since I started this blog and new hobby and I never thought it go as it has. The last couple of months this place has exploded and honestly I was unprepared never expecting to get more than 5k view in this time. Couple of times it's been more than that in a single day. I hope that you all have enjoyed the blog and the captions as much as I have. To celebrate, I thought I'd do some thing a little different and this is the start of a change to the blog. I still want to do series and still plan on doing my same rate of about five a week all in one post but I've decided to stop doing posts dedicated to one series. So instead of it being one post and five Seeds of Corruption caps for instance. It'll be one post but a one or two caps from different series mostly at random. Why am I doing this now? Well it's some thing I've debated for a while. I feel like some people aren't a fan of some series so some weeks those fans maybe missing out because it was a series they don't care for that week. I know that maybe seem like I'm selling out but it's mostly me just wanting to make every one happy, not just one group a week. So I've decided to work on naming caps (if any of you have actually seen my file names it's actually very lazy) and now caption the image on the blog of which series it is and on the file name itself to try to keep it all clear for those who follow their favorite series. The another reason is I hope it'll improve the quality of my caps. Some times writing five caps of the same series and some times I just feel like I'm so burnt out of writing for just that one series, that the quality starts to lack. I think the only time that I'll do a only one series post is if I feel like it needs an introduction. And my last reason is this will revive some series that are harder to do five at a time like Circe's Island. Some are just harder to do five at a time and this will make it much easier to keep them alive and honestly this one probably the biggest reason. I love writing some of these one off series but hate doing five at a time just due finding the right images and trying to not right five captions of the same thing. (Brothel would be the best example of this)

So to bring in these new changes and to celebrate an amazing six months, I wrote ten captions all the series I want to keep going or start. Some of these series are still in the works but are for sure. The only known one missing is Witching Hour just because I just did the intro for it. But the preview caps have preview in the file name. I hope all of you enjoy the captions, enjoy the direction I plan to send the blog in the next six months and maybe get excited for the new series in development.

Thank you guys again for an amazing six months and I look forward to see how the second half of the year lines out,


Looks like the Outbreak has started again and 285 is plotting this time. How many will fall to her plans?

The Lab has been a work in progress for a while now but now has finally been formed into a series of it's own.
So why will you end up in the lab and how will it change you?

Circe's Island is still open and with spring arriving more people will love so see the new cabins and of course, the wildlife.

More players are signing up every day to play Seeds of Corruption. If they only knew how powerful the game is becoming. They will know soon enough.
Brothel is still open and new locations are opening with even more customers every day. Will they be able to resist the Brothel.
Ophelia Industries has started to release new products every day. Just make sure your read the fine print
Infectious Ink was originally going to be next part of Outbreak but I scrapped the idea but kept the idea of the theme. Now it's a series themed around tattoos. Curses, spells and more will soon follow.
Corrupted Reality is a spin off of Seeds of Corruption. We will soon see how the game will effect reality itself. Logging out is no longer an escape. Your always playing my game.
Crazy Cults are appearing all over. Worshiping their gods and leaders and constantly looking for new members. Will you join one of them and submit yourself to their ways?

My Academy will have a new semester starting soon. Students from all over will be arriving hoping to expand their minds. I hope their ready for another year of school.


  1. I enjoy your stuff :) I lurk from time to time.

    1. Thanks love, it's good to hear from you. I'm not going to say I have folder of your work but I'm a fan of your work as well ;)



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