Another week down, Another set of captions

Welcome back loves, I'm a day late but I haven't had a day off in eight days so it's been a week. The next update should be sooner. "The Farm" has now been added to the roster of series. It's been some thing that's been a borderline series but now I have a better idea for it. Think of it like a cross between Circe's Island and Brothel. I have a lot of images for Circe's that just don't fit the theme and this series will fill the role perfectly and honestly it'll be very fun to write. I'm sure you girls know what to expect just by the name. Anyways there's a preview below that I hope will get every one excited for it.

Also I just want to throw in a quick thanks. The last post celebration was by far my most successful post ever (Almost 12k views in a week!!!) and I'm just thrill every one loved the caps and the set up. I'm hoping that every one enjoys the new post format. Again thank you all so much for dropping by and seeing my work. I didn't ever think I'd actually be noticed compared to the other big names but each post I'm feeling more confident in my work and that's all thanks to the support you guys have given me. So thank you all so much for that.

Side note, I have started a poll for every one's favorite series. It's mostly a curiosity of mine. You can vote as many as you want so please pick all of your favorites. I'm going to use this to see what every one likes and dislikes without having to comment. This doesn't mean though I'm going to write just off of what's popular but it'll help me when I plan the post for the week. (Even though most of the time I don't really plan I just look for the inspiration with a idea in mind. Shhhhh)

Side note note- I've linked the blog with my google+ and looking into getting all set up some time soon. So there will be that option now.

Update- Ok I didn't want to make another post explaining things so I'm just going to it here. The Google+ is set up and I kinda want to use it a little differently. Mostly I want to use it to go other ideas and thoughts on different captions. I don't know how often I'll do this yet. Probably one with each post but maybe more with time. Just depends on how it goes you know? But I'll also do some previews or like one of caps that maybe there before the blog but it'll never have content that hasn't been on the blog. Just like behind the scenes of what I was thinking when I made the caption or the series and my honest thoughts on it now. I know this won't interest very many people but I thought it'd be fun and it would be neat to see kinda this chronicle of thoughts and it'll be fun for me to just go back at look at my old mistakes lol. The first post will be today (6/11/16) or tomorrow not sure yet but it will be there.

Anyways I hope you enjoy the caps


Ophelia Industries- Swimsuit season is here and I hope you all consider on of mine design. What don't trust me? Smart. How bout one of happy customers?

Witching Hour- I know what you thinking. He should of thought that through but come on, every one wants to be a super hero. Least he tried.

Infectious Ink- And now we start to see the plot of the series and the theme. It's always a shame when a plan backfires though. Least it's the start of some thing far greater.

The Brothel- So much resistance in this one. Shame it was his undoing. Remember some times it's good just to give in.

The Farm Preview- Will you enjoy your new job? Will you even agree to it?