Vampires, Latex and Cowgirls?!?!?! I think only I would post that combo. ;p

Welcome back loves, I hope you guys are ready for this weeks captions. Honestly had a lot of fun writing these. There a little more on the weird side but I mean those are my favorite write and it kinda brought a thought to my mind. Do you guys come here for my more normal caps or the ones with my touch of weird. I decided a poll would be the best way to find that out. Again mostly curious. There have been times were I wanted to get weirder but decided not to. Also the poll for your favorite series is still going (it will be for a long time honestly) and I've been surprised by the results honestly. I never expected some of my odder series getting more votes than some of my more conventional ones and this was a lot of the encouragement of today's set. And with that here's what you ladies came here for in the first place, the caps.

With a weird touch of love,

Corruption of Reality- You know if some one killed my wife. I'd make them replace them too

The Farm- We have a strict, no firing policy here at the Farm. We'll just find a new position better for the both of us.

Seeds of Corruption- I mean men disappearing and a wizard with a bunch of wives. Sounds safe to me.

Outbreak- I know I need to hire more careful people but I mean it takes the fun outta the job.

Crazy Cults- The Masquerade seems really familiar. Almost like I had that idea first, just less masks