Victims, Test Subjects and Popsicles- Another week of fun down

Welcome back loves, I hope you all have had a wonderful week. I know I've been having a wonderful time with my toys. If you ladies haven't figured it out yet, I love playing games and this week's set has shown how easy it is for some one to join in my games. From Revenge, to trying some thing new, you could easily become my newest toy in my game. The question is, what role will you play in it?

On a serious note, this week I've decided to try some thing new with the Witching Hour series. it's one that's been a struggle to find a place here but I think now I have it all figured out so I hope you enjoy the new ideas behind a very rocky series. As for next week things are going to change a bit. I'm going to overhaul the look of the blog and go through and make tags for easier searching. I also plan to go through and cut some of the unwanted series to make room for some new ideas. I won't spoil to much but things are about to get weirder. I may also have a partner in crime. I've let a hint in a caption. Let's see if you ladies can find it.

And with that I leave you with the main attraction, the Captions.

Licking my popsicle of love,


Witching Hour- The new and improved Witching Hour with now even more witches and even more spells. I hope you can handle it.

Ophelia Industries- It's getting hotter out loves. Why not try one of our popsicles to help cool off a bit. Maybe you'll enjoy the flavor a bit too much

Circe's Island- Here at Circe's Island, we have a strict to hunting policy and any offenders will be punished how ever we see fit.
Infectious Ink- Don't you wish things we some times just so simple and all you had to worry about is being a good girl?

The Lab- Subjects 227 and 228 are in need of their weekly check out. I mean we have very strict deadlines to keep. I wonder which one is which....


  1. thats cool this is Brandon I loved it I showed my girlfriend she a kick out of it I tell her look I have bigger tits then her she laughed about it she is into gender bending 2


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