100k views Caption-thon

 I know I'm late on my update but it's been a week loves but before I bore you with the details, I'll announce our latest celebration, 100k views! It hasn't been very long at all since my 50k views post and now we've doubled it in just this short time. Honestly I find it hard to believe but I want to thank all of you for your support.

I really want to keep this short but I'm working on some thing new and big. I won't give away to many details yet but it'll be some thing very interesting, almost heroic but I giving away another hint would be villainous so with that I'll leave you guys to have fun guessing.

With twice as many eyes of love,


Infectious Ink- Least she was polite enough to tell you her story before she cursed you.
Outbreak- Should of went home alone last night

Random Roulette- An idea from a fan. You guys think I should make more like this?

Seeds of Corruption- A gift for the Wizard of Darkness, now if I only knew your real name.

The Lab- Can you imagine waking up in his situation. Least he knows his client.

Random Roulette- Honestly this was just a funny picture I had to caption

The Farm- You relationships aren't my thing. Men are only good for a couple of things.
Circe's Island- A gift for Brittany. I hope she enjoyed her stay.

The Lab- Witness protection, the lab style.
Corrupt Witching Hour- You know what they say, Payback is a bitch