Exciting History? (Haven August Caption Contest Entry)

So loves, I've been thinking. How can I make history more exciting? I mean think about it. You can't really experience it. Good thing I found a solution.

Link to the contest to the contest is here: http://rachelshaven.com/index.php?option=com_jfusion&view=plugin&Itemid=113&jfile=index.php&board=895.0

and to my submission: http://rachelshaven.com/index.php?option=com_jfusion&view=plugin&Itemid=113&jfile=index.php&topic=91850.0

With some magical love,



  1. Greetings, "High Priestess"!

    Just wanted to let you know that the image you've posted here does not scale up for your guests to read. May I suggest that, if your intention for doing that is to get readers here to go to Rachel's and read it there so they can vote for your interesting caption, it might be a good idea to supply the link to your post in the August Cap. Con. at the Haven.

    As for the caption; I can just imagine you doffing your exquisitely-tooled attire and boffing the most elite warriors of the tribe to see whose seed is strongest and worthy of filling your belly with the next ruler of your people! Of course, with all the carnal lust involved with the ceremony, I've no doubt that you'll be going-down in history too!


    1. Fixed and thank you for the suggestion

    2. Not a problem, sweetie. Although it has been a while since I did much at Rachel's Haven, I usually make it a practice to add a link there whenever I post something I did for, or received from, a Havenette. And, since its doors have been opened to the general public, just posting a tease here with a link to its location at The Haven could be a good way to send some more visitors there.

      And, I hope you didn't mind that I read the caption with thoughts of you as the hero(ine)! After all, I kind of see you being at home in the role of a High Priestess of Fertility and Carnal Self-Realization.


    3. See I'm trying to get more active on the Haven. I've kinda kept to myself for the most part since I started so this is my way of getting my foot in the door. But part of it is, most of the work there is toned down compared to mine. I feel like mine is just a little to extreme sometimes and I just don't want to give people the wrong impression, you know?

      It's completely fine lol. I come off that way and I'm fully aware. It's actually unintentional but I love it


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