Quick cap and Current status on blog

Hey loves, I know I haven't posted any thing lately and wanted to quickly explain. I've been working almost 75 hours weeks the last two weeks and having a hard time finding just time to even turn my computer on let alone caption. So I'm going to have to do a quick hopefully temporary change to my posts with only a few captions pure post instead of a set number. I've so little time lately that I only have one caption finished for the next set and have no clue when the rest could be done so instead of waiting for however long it takes to make them, I'm going to post just whatever I make as I make them.

I really didn't want to lower the amount pure post but I really don't have much a choice in order to keep the blog active right now and this has been a debate for several days now. I'm sorry to all you guys and I hope the go back to the way things where before all this.

With love,


Witching Hour- You really should watch what so you say to people.