Quick Set and My New Series is ago!!!

Hey loves, I just felt like making a few extra captions today and figured I might as well update! I've been working on a big project for about a month now with some help. I finally feel like it's in a situation where I can release it and say it's ago.

New series- Heroes and Villains!

The world has changed. New powers have risen and claimed. Some will try to bend the world to their twisted views and others will try to save it. What side will you choose? Will you survive a world were good and evil are at war and any one can become any thing?

This will mostly be a cosplay and anime series of super heroes and villains duking it out for the fate of the world! The caps will be a variety of origin stories, battles and victims. I'm hoping to keep it mostly cosplay but I know anime ones will be made to better capture some scenes. It's not really easy to find the right images is the reasoning behind this and keeps the goal of the series there along with creativity to do whatever I want with it.

I hope you all enjoy the captions. Most of these were made fairly quick so let's see how they go!

With Love,

Heroes and Villains- The Alien Amazon is our first hero. After finding Alien Technology, she has the power to fight back! Will you stand with her?

Heroes and Villains- Queen Flora is our first villain. Once a scientist trying to save nature, only thing stand in his was humans. After his work was nearly destroyed, an accident gave him the solution for our environment and the scum of man. Will you fall victim to her power?

Corrupt Witching Hour- We all know I love games. I just thought this guy would of thought this threw better.

Ophelia Industries- Quitting can be hard. They say you usually replace on addiction with another.
Witching Hour- I mean a woman has needs. You know that all to well now.


  1. The pellow caption is my favorite one and like I said before, I like them all a lot.


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