You should really read the bottle first

Hello loves, how's everyone today? You see we've been working on tons of new products and releasing them to the public. Just make sure you double check the bottle.....

 With squeaky clean love,



  1. OhnyGod! I LOVE the potential for where this tail- er, I mean tale - could go, Ophelia... And what things might be put where once they both get there!!!

    Perhaps a sequel would be in order?

    I might be inclined to leave him to finish washing that man right out of his..."there", and hurry to the nearest adult store to pick up few things that will last a lot longer than he ever could...(hence the frequent dumpings by his gf's?)!
    Although, staying to watch his "proud sailor" turn into a "little man in the boat" while a "Mae West" inflates on his chest would be rather erotic as well! I'm sure that with a body like that it would be easy to bring his manhood right to the edge then keep it from going-off until it had turned into a beautiful flower of womanhood!


  2. See I've have ideas of a revenge-like sub series that is just two people buying and hiding different products with different effects but I haven't really ever gone to far with it. Kinda like a tf spy vs spy was the base idea.

    But that's not saying it won't happen. I only have about a two page document of just new ideas for series and sub-series and some just seem to pop more and become a reality.

  3. Hi, please do you know the name of the model?
    Thank you


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