Technical Issues Have Occured

Hello loves, I want this just to be a quick update. Unfortunately my old computer has stopped working and I had to find a quick solution to fix this issue. After tampering with it for days, I pronounced it dead. So I had to find a new one which brings us to now. I have a new shiny computer but my image collection of over 100,000 images has yet to be salvaged if possible. So I have to either rebuild my collection (the thought of all the hours it took for the last makes me shutter.) or try to find a way to get my old collection back. Captions will resume shortly. (hoping to at least have one made today)

So fear not I will be back in full swing soon.

With shiny new love,


-Just a quick update, I managed to salvage the old hard drive and I'm running an image recovery program now so things are looking much better than I thought they would.