I'm Back Loves!

After a couple weeks of pseudo-vacation, I'm finally back. My sister is doing great and some other family has stepped in so I could return to work. I should have some captions going up in the next couple of days. I apologize for the delay for the October captions but that doesn't mean it can't be October a little bit longer than normal this year. :P I'm sure you've all noticed I'm trying to go back to a little stranger captions. This is actually my favorite kind to write just because of my own personal preferences. (Though I'm well aware these aren't everyone's thing.) So I'm wanting to try to go to pairs instead of singles just so I can release one normal and one strange caption each time. This won't be every time of course but some times.

Something I want to add. I've been receiving more requests for captions. Please email me or add me to hangouts for those. It's nothing personal, I just don't like discussing "business" in public. I'm going to add a contact thing in info panel now but I kinda wanted to make it more official than just that. I check my email many times a day just see any updates on things and I will respond to any reasonable email.

The main info I'll want is names (male and female), how explicit, how strange of a transformation your looking for (woman, bimbo, monster, etc), a general idea of how the transformation occurs (Like series or just some kinda idea) and maybe an image idea (don't have to send me an image just ballpark). I know this seems like a lot but I honestly that requests very seriously and that's partly why I don't really do them. And of course, it's not a guarantee that I'll make it or it'd be quick but I wanted to put this out there and make it more official and know what I'm generally going to ask you.

It's good to be back. I hope you all didn't miss me too much,