Outbreak- Sweet Relief, New Project Announcement and a Few Personal Updates

Welcome back loves, I wanted to let you girls know I haven't forgotten about you. Work schedule got flipped out of nowhere and my home town has been having power issues (I had almost 4 captions lost to random power loose) so I have been in kinda a weird position but anytime I have down time, I just try get creative.

I think you'll love my new project, The Hexing House. The Hexing House will be a TG/TF game show where 12 men are put on an island out in the ocean. They will face all kinds of challenges and transformations were the losers will found out how permanent the changes really can be and the winner will be granted on wish.

But here's the fun part, I want you ladies to choose what happens in The Hexing House and challenges they face. After each captions set of that "Episodes" I will put of a new set of polls and you lovely ladies will vote on everything from the weeks competition to the random twists (like a single bottle of laced milk) These effects and some random outcomes (have some dice ready) will decide how the week goes for our campers.

I will also put out a character sheet soon and I want you ladies to create our characters. I'm still working all the details on this one but I will have a way for you to create your own camper who will have a chance to be in the house. I'm looking for 12 total. I hope that all of you vote and have your voice heard. This is still a couple of weeks off but I hope to have all fleshed out and ready soon.

And now for just a quick personal update. I try to keep my personal very separate from this. This isn't no secret or anything (actually my wife helps me write some captions) but my wife's and I's firstborn child is due in a few weeks so this will probably effect my scheduling a little bit. But I'm not going to stop captioning and honestly I'm very thankful for you all. I know I say this a lot but thank you all for your support. I never dreamed of being a well known captioneer. I thought this was just going to be something that I wouldn't get anywhere and just give up one day but here I am now after almost a year of doing this and I don't wanna stop.

With love,