Hiding in Plain Sight and Quick update

Welcome back loves, it's been far too long. I wanted to give you all a quick update.

Hexing House episode 1 is about half way done. This one will probably going to be the longest one just because I'm introducing all the contestants in the text part of it plus the normal I plan on doing. The captions are nearly complete for it how ever and the next five episodes are planned with the rest just missing a votable options but nothing that won't be finished before I get there. It's mostly just me changing my mind a lot. Honestly though, a lot of why this is so slow is because I want it perfect and I'm just not use to so much writing for one series. I'm trying to make it be more captions with an optional story than just captions or just a story.

I'm also wanting to bring back Seeds of Corruption as a regular again. Honestly, it was one of my favorites to write just for the possibilities. I'm also working on a reworked Brothel that's got a little variety to it than what it is. It'll still be what it is just with a little more meat.

I've also have a surprise planned for Jan. I'm not going to say too much but there's a very special day for the blog in there. ;P

I hope you all enjoy the caption. This was a trade return on the Haven. I loved the idea of a caption told from the point of view of the transformation itself. Hopefully, my attempt will be well recieved.

With love,