Hexing House- Episode Two Is Here!

Hey girls, Ms. Cream here with the next thrilling episode of Hexing House! After production delays, a fire and Hex turning a camera man into a frog, it's finally finished! It's full of action, drama, TG and Hex being mean. I do hope you all enjoy! And don't forget to vote. After all this show runs off of your votes. I mean do you really want me and Hex to make the choices for you?

O Yeah! Before I forget, Mistress Ophelia posted some thoughts on the current state of all the others series over on Google+. Don't worry, Hexing House isn't going any where but if concerned about your favorite series, I suggest you go give it a peak. Don't forget to let us know if you think your favorite series needs some love! Link Below!


And with that, I'll leave you to enjoy the Episode! Voting closes on February 4th so make sure you decide before it closes or your favorite contestant could be our next victim!

With love!

Ms. Cream


  1. Great Captions Ophelia! I especially love the end result for Felix

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed. I really try to make punishing transformations for the eliminations. But, you ladies voted and the winner was cowgirl. I just hope you all weren't expecting a hat and boots.

      With love,



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