Hexing House- Getting to Know Your Hosts

Hey loves, sorry for the long gap in posts. I've been getting over the flu for the last couple of weeks and had nearly to desire to even get out of bed let alone write. That being said, I will be starting work on Hexing House Episode Three shortly. I wanted to have these released weeks ago and the episode nearly finished by now but nature said no.

Today, I give you guys an in depth look at your lovely hosts. These two characters are honestly very close to me. Each represent a half of my own personality in a lot of ways. You see I was always told "If you can explain something, it's science and if not, it's magic. Ms Cream and Madame Hex are the results of that thought along with a few of my personal styles and hobbies. It also may help to see exactly what each does in my captions behind the scenes.

I hope you all enjoy them and for fun, I'm going to put up a vote for your personal favorite. (It won't effect Hexing House in any way.)

With recovering love,


(P.S. I hope your prepared for the final shake up in Hexing House will be announced next episode. I won't give away much but let's just say some one is getting bored and wants to make it interesting. Not even Hex or Cream will be prepared.)