Mini Series- Outbreak-The Lab Part One- Meeting Dr. Curie (Ms. Cream) and Mistress Ink

Hello loves, welcome back! Today makes the beginning of my new mini series captions. To kick it off, I bring you on set in Outbreak. You see, I believed for a while the Outbreak formula has gotten old. While it works usually it's the same thing just written differently. I really want to shake it up.

So, I bring you to Cream's Lab where through the eyes of Dr. Teasla you'll get a first hand look at what she's been working on.

This should be posted every Wednesday at 7pm central time. I'm trying to make that the standard time for all my post. Yesterday, I just forgot that blogger is set in Pacific.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the start of the Mini Series. Friday will probably just be a random cap this week until I get the next Hexing House finished. Which hopefully will be next week.

With infectious love,