The Game Master's Return and Plans for the Blog

Hey loves, I hope I haven't been missed too much. This is going to be a long post just a for warning and if you some how read it all, you have a ton of patience.

First things first, yes, I am in the process of returning to captions. It'll be a gradual process but things have gotten to a point where I feel like I have the time to make them again.

Secondly, I want to take a second to say thanks. I know I do this a lot but I really am thankful for you all. This experience has been amazing and it wouldn't be much without your support. And to everyone who still dropped while I was gone, I really appropriate you taking the time to come here. Whether, it was your first time here or hundred, it was really something to see people were still dropping by even after I had stopped posting.

I also have kind of got a game plan for posting schedule. I've mentioned in the past that I really want a better system then just posting whenever I feel it. I really want like a schedule but to really get it right, I'd have to use the auto post system. Originally, I didn't like the idea of using it just because I felt like it gave off the impression that I was more interested in views then anything but thinking about it, it's more about using it so you girls always know when there should be something new instead when guessing. Right now, I want it to be something like Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I'm thinking Monday just be something random, Wednesday being a mini series and Friday being Hexing House with "commercial breaks" in between episodes for voting. With that though, I want to change how I release series. Instead of all at once I wanna go one cap at a time. This doesn't mean text only sections count. It'd continue up till it got to the end of a cap. This may seem like a strange change but it's mostly to break up longer more singular stories so that they don't feel like all of the same. And this may change as well if content builds up too much. I don't want to be backlogged for the whole year just because of this. I will release more at a time if I have just too much made and want to get it out instead keeping it. This is one of the largest challenges with Hexing House as whole and I know it will be with mini series as well. Honestly, I want to start this soon but gradually. I'm thinking starting next Friday to start having randoms till the next Hexing House is complete and then moving them to Monday and having that on Friday and then adding the Wednesday once I have one ready but we'll see how it all goes. It could take a while before it's in full swing.

This brings me to my next thing, mini series. I want to start working on longer single stories within another series. These maybe five to ten caps all telling one solid story. These maybe things like a group of campers end up on Circe's Island or the story of a recently infected in outbreak trying to control their new urges. Hexing House has really opened me up to trying ideas like this and I think these could really have some fun results.

Lastly, and this is one of the biggest, I want to change how I announce series. Usually, I'm pretty secretive about what I'm working on but I want to start being more open with my ideas. I keep notes when I'm planning a new series or now, mini series and once I start working on said series I want to just post these notes. You can ignore them or you can use them as a reference, I really don't know how they should be used but I think this will help more complex or larger ideas work. Looking back at Utopia, I think it's biggest issue was that I didn't communicate what it was. I think if I had posted the full idea instead of holding it back and expanding it caption by caption, it would have been easier to get a feel for it and could have helped the reader's experience as a whole.

One thing I want to add, requests for any series will be accepted when the notes are released. So, if something seems like something you really like and want to be apart of, then submit that request and I will try to make it happen.

With all that's been said, I want to thank every one again. Below I'm posting the notes to my newest series, "The Park." This has been a series in development for a long time and honestly, I'm really proud of it and I hope you all are as excited for it as I am.

With more love than I can handle,


The Park Notes

(All ideas below may change and aren't final. Usually, names are what I change more than anything else, however)

 -Home of The Amazing Alice
-Divided into Sections (Pleasure Island, Cursed Village, Kooky Carnevil, Wild World, Comic City)
-A constantly shifting reality controlled by Alice's magic
-Time is bent and even stopped in some places
-Blinding fun
-Alice's playground where she makes the rules no matter how crazy they maybe.
-Can appear and disappear anywhere in the world.
-Where ever it is, Alice is close

The Amazing Alice

-One of the most powerful magic users in history
-A young hyperactive girl who uses her powers for fun and games
-Dresses up as a magician
-Uses her magic to open gates to her park
-Bends reality with no effort
-Ophelia's daughter and influenced by her
-Loves to annoy Hex

Pleasure Island

-A Vegas themed section
-The sun never rises
-Home of Big Bunny's Casino, The Stable's Pool Hall and Bar, The Grand Stage and Club Transfun
-Big Bunny's is famous for it's gambling and bunny girls. Just be careful not to end up working off your debts
-The Stable's maybe just a bar but never underestimate your opponents. You might just make an ass of yourself
-The Grand Stage is home to Alice's magic shows. You never know what may happen
-Club Transfun is the local Nightclub. You'll lose track of time dancing and singing the night away. You might just lose yourself in it all

Cursed Village

-A Halloween themed zone full of monsters and madness
-Thick tree cover blocks most of the light from the never ending full moon
-Many of it's inhabitants have a dark secret
-Home of the Haunted House, Lunatic's Lab, Wicked Woods, Countess's Castle, Demonic Domain
-The Haunted House is full of playful spirits looking to prank unsuspecting guests.
-The Lunatic's Lab is a hidden lab underneath the village. Guest may stumble onto it at any moment. Just hope your not found by one of it's guards or worse yet Crazy Cream herself.
-It'd also wouldn't be advised to drink anything down there
-The wicked woods surround the village. They're full of creatures and loose experiments. Just hope you don't end up like them
-Countess's Castle is the home of Countess Ophelia. Few have braved the woods and entered. None have ever returned
-Demonic Domain is the home of the Cult of Nox. Their rituals attempt the appease their demonic goddess and the results are waiting for unsuspecting victims

Kooky Karnevil

-A Circus themed zone
-Performers fill the streets showing all kinds of tricks of their trades
-Home of The Big Top, Freak Show, Fun House and House of Mirrors
-The Big Top is a massive Circus full of surprises and wonders. Some guests may find themselves joining with out even knowing
-Be amazed by the sights you'll see at the Freak Show. From the Wolf Girl to the Six Armed Woman who knows what you may see or what you may become
-The Fun House is full tricks and traps. Join the fun! Who knows what team you'll end up on when you manage to find your way out.
-How lost will you find yourself in the House of Mirrors? How long will you know which reflection is yours?

Wild World

-A Massive Wildlife area full of animals and plants from around the world
-Some of the creatures are from mythology
-Home of Circe's Sanctuary, The Grand Garden, Forest of Fantasy, Farmland Fun
-Circe's Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary that spans for miles holding some of the world's natural wonders. Guests may find themselves closer to nature than ever
-The Grand Garden is full of world's natural beauty. Even it's gardeners look the part. It's almost like they're plants themselves. I'm sure if you stick around you'll find out or even join them
-Myth and legends fill the Forest of Fantasy. From mermaids to dragons, you never know that you'll stumble upon. You may find yourself part of your favorite fantasy
-Farmland Fun is a place where you can enjoy the simple life. Just hope your life doesn't get too simple.

Comic City

-Super Heroes and Villains battle it out in this zone
-Home of the Hall of Heroes, Evil Emporium, Super Suits
-The Zone is full of things that might give some one superpowers
-Hall of Heroes is the headquarters of all the heroes in Comic City. The items here could hold all kinds of secrets
-Evil Emporium is hidden in the darkest depths of the city. If your looking to cause trouble you may find yourself one of it's members.
-Every Hero and Villain needs a costume and Super Suits is the place to get one. Come and find the costume of your dreams. Just don't get too much into character


  1. Welcome back Ophelia! The park sounds awesome. I think I'd like to take my chances at the casino, no way I'd end up in debt.

    1. Just remember, I know how deal with any situation, winning or losing. ;)



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