Sorry for the Break. Work has been a Nightmare.

It seriously has. I've had close 70 hour work weeks the last few weeks on top of being a parent.

Luckily, it seems like things are starting to slow down so I can get back to working on caps.

I've got two for you ladies today and have a few more in the works.

I won't go into too much details but I've had a couple requests gathering dust I really need to do. (One I finally found a good image for!) Plus, a couple of new ideas I want to try.

I might put a new poll up asking how people feel about the longer caps.

Personally, I enjoy writing them but I sorta fear the length turning some people away.

Anyways, I hope you didn't miss me too much and enjoy the new caps.

With love,


It's Friday. It's been a long week and honestly, a bit draining. I did some asking around and it sounds like The Blue is where all the girls on campus go to party. The few guys I asked about it seemed like they were going tonight. As I pull up, I notice massive blue search lights pointing to the sky. Girls are giggling as they gather to enter the club. Most are barely wearing clothing. As I enter, I'm greeted by a group of naked ones. They seem to be trying to get every guy's attention they can. I don't really feel comfortable going with the first girl I see. I see a dance floor filled with people. I quickly make my way to the dance floor. The music in here almost deafening. Along the way, I notice some girls walking into the back each with a man but don't think much of it. It's hard to watch that when there's so many hot girls dancing so close to you. I look around and notice a few other guys also here. Every once and while, I feel a girl bump into me. I move a bit over and continue to party. After a few bumps, I bump into a man? I look around and notice all the guys seem to be in the center.

Suddenly, the lights turn blue and the music shifts to a strange beat. I start to feel hot. Everyone around me is beginning to strip. I start to as well. I can't help it I just feel so hot. It's getting hard to focus. As my pants fall to floor, I notice my cock is fully erect. Confused, I turn to hide it only to see all the guys have erections. What is going on? I watch as one of the girls begins to suck the cock of one of the men. More begin pull him into the crowd and he vanishes. I try to focus only to feel pleasure interrupt my thought. I look down and see one of the girls licking my cock. Part of me knows something is wrong but I can't resist. I feel so good. They start to pull me into the crowd. Each one kisses me as I pass until I end up in a soft chair. They quickly begin to surround me. I lean my back and gaze at the blue light above me. It's so pretty and relaxing. It starts to become all I can think about. I can feel one sucking my cock. A pair are suckling on my nipples. My view is blocked by one with large swollen breasts. She leans over and her nipple presses against my mouth. I start to suckle without thinking about it. Everything is becoming foggy. I feel so good.....

Suddenly, I jerk awake. I'm in my dorm room? God, my head is killing me and I have this weird taste in my mouth. What happened last night? I remember partying and then I think I got a little drunk because everything gets fuzzy after that. I stumble up. Why am I naked? Wait what the hell? I notice I've got a few tattoos. When did I get these? Seriously what the hell happened? I look myself over closely. The only other noticeable things are my cock is sore and seems smaller and my chest is swollen and really tender. Letting out a sigh, I start to get dressed. I guess I need to control myself next time. As I look around for a pair of pants, I notice a very nice blue in the background of a picture. It's so mesmerizing. Without thinking about it, I start to walk to it. I start to feel pleasure unaware of my hand stroking my now erect cock. It's so relaxing. I feel so- Suddenly, I snap out of as the picture falls over. I must of bumped the desk. I feel a liquid running over my fingers as I realize where my hand is. When did I do that? A little freaked out, I leave the picture face down. I finish getting ready and attempt to avoid the color blue the best I can the rest of the day.

It's getting late. I can't say it wasn't a weird day. I felt like those girls from the club were more widespread. Sometimes it even felt like they were watching me. Some of them were wearing that pretty blue and by the time they passed, I had already came. I don't understand what it is about that- I look out my window and see two pillars of blue in the sky. My head starts to get fuzzy as I start to make my way to them. I climb out the window and begin to see other men doing the same. I don't know why but I need to go to it.....

Wait how'd I get here? I look around to find I'm just in a white room. There's a woman standing in the door way smiling. Her large breasts are exposed. Something doesn't feel right.... My mouth is watering at the sight of them. I can't stop thinking about how good it'd be to suckle from them. She smiles and snaps her fingers. Suddenly, the room turns such a pretty blue. I.... want to suckle... I begin to make my way to the woman and quickly wrap my lips around her nipple. A warm liquid fills my mouth and I begin to relax. I start to hear a voice. "Relax and suckle my child. Soon, you'll be one of us." I want... to be one of them.... I... need to suckle. "Now, I want you to forget who you used to be." Forget.... "You are now Desiree." Desiree.... "You will serve me." Yes..... Serve.... "You are a spunky party girl that always comes here to have a good time with your friends." I.... am a spunky party girl... "When you see the color blue, you are a very horny party girl." I am... horny. I feel.... so good but... so empty.... Whose..... voice.... is that? It's.... telling me.... to stop..... He says I'm Dave..... "Now who are you?" I'm.... not Dave.... I'm..... I'm....

"Desiree...," I say pulling away from the nipple. The woman smiles and opens the door. "Go bring a man here," she says with a smile. Of course, I will. It's what I was told to do. I walk out the door and find myself in a hall leading towards the dance floor. I start my search as walk to it. The music fills my ears and I begin to dance without thinking about it. My exposed breasts bounce as I do. This is so much fun! I don't even care that I'm basically naked! I see men coming in from the entrance. Just what I was looking for. I make my way to them and quickly get their attention. I see a few other naked girls trying to get their attention as well. They... are.... my friends.... There's not enough for all of us.... Must.... obey.... I quickly grab one and lock lips with him. I.... must.... bring him. As I pull away, I smile and quickly lead him to the room. As I pull him in, I notice the woman isn't here.....

The room turns blue. I become instantly filled with lust as I moan teasingly. Horny..... The music shifts to a strange beat. My breasts start to feel so full..... I notice he's starting to strip. The music.... It's speaking to me.... She's telling me what to do.... I walk over and push him on the bed. His erect cock is standing high as I make my way over him. He.... must join.... Without thinking, I position myself over him and slide his cock into my wet pussy. Must... join..... I start to ride him. I notice he is staring into the light. Good.... He must see how pretty it is. My breasts are becoming heavy. He must.... suckle.... I lean over and position my nipple to his mouth and he begins to suckle. I continue to ride him carefully to ensure he continues to suckle. Time starts to feel like it's standing still. His cock fills my pussy with his cum over and over again to the point that streams of it drizzle out of me. My chest feels empty but he continues to suck.

The lights turn back to normal and suddenly, both of us snap out of it. I pant as I slide myself off of him. His cock is covered in cum and is shriveled up. He stumbles to his feet and starts to slowly leave. I can hear him say he needs to get home out from under his breath. He's almost like a zombie as he exits the room. He leaves the door open. I can see more men leaving with the same zombie like walk. I can only smile knowing tomorrow they will be one of us. I lay in the bed exhausted. I can hear some girls entering the room giggling. I sit up and smile seeing them. They are all looking at me. "Girls," I look and see the woman I suckled from. "Show Desiree how we party," she says with a smile. She leaves and closes the door. The room turns blue and music starts back up...... I'm.... so horny.... Some of the girls start to make out and others begin dancing. I can only lay here as some of the girls begin to make their way to me. Each is giggling. The voice in the music is telling me to let them teach me how to be one of them. I.... will.... obey.......

As their lips begin to invade my body, I know this party will never end.......


So this was what Ophelia was hiding. Inside the box was this strange book. Ever since we've met, I've always wondered what was in it. I figured it was some dark secret or some weird fetish thing but no just a book. It has no title. It could be a diary. It's just odd to think all those times I asked her about it over dinner she'd avoid the question. I open it see that it's no diary. It's a spell book. Flipping through pages, I find all kinds of strange notes and phrases. Some seem to be in a completely different language.

I spot one that catches my eye. The notes say it'll make your lover turn into the lover of your dreams. I start to consider the possibilities. Don't get me wrong, Ophelia is great. There's just some odd things she does sometimes. I remember all those times she decided to play mistress in the bedroom. If only it was as much of a turn on for me as it was her. I mean I'm the man here. I should be the one dominating her not the other way around. Then there's her wardrobe. It's not bad I just wish it was less black more you know, not bride of Dracula. I know I shouldn't do this but the temptation is too much. With a deep breath, I cast the spell.

As the final word leaves my lips, I start to feel strange. It's like energy is flowing through me. Getting worried, I reread the spell. Something doesn't seem right but I did everything as it says. My clothes start to feel loose. Beginning to panic, I continue to flip though the book looking for some kind of answer. With each page turn, my fingers got darker and my hands became smaller. When I got to the last page, my nails were black. I can only scream as I look at my now feminine hands complete with black polish. My own scream startles me with it's new pitch. This can't be happening. I jump up only for my pants to fall on the floor. I'm speechless looking at my hairless legs. My shirt is hanging almost half way to my knees. I have to find a mirror. I need to see what's happening to me.

As I make my way to the bathroom, my shirt irritates my nipples. I tug and pull but can't seem to get it to- I stop as I notice the feeling of swaying from my chest. As I inspect it, I notice the swelling mounds. I know I shouldn't be surprised but all I can feel is even more panic. I've never felt so helpless. I enter the bathroom and freeze like a deer in headlights. I see a beautiful woman looking back at me. I slowly move my hands to my now bluish black hair watching my reflection's every mimicked move. This wasn't what I imagined the girl of my dreams to look like. I'm some kind of gothy- Suddenly, it clicks. I'm not the woman of my dreams. I'm the woman of Ophelia's dreams. Wait, does that mean I'm fully a woman? I look down at my cloth covered crotch wondering what could be underneath. Truthfully, I don't know which scares me more. She's never came off as a lesbian but what am I going to do as a girl with a.... The thought of a penis made me feel strange and yet, curious. I took a deep breath and lifted my shirt revealing a small shaved pussy. I can barely believe it. Curiosity gets the better of me as I probe it with my fingers only to feel a rush of pleasure. A pant like moan escapes my lips as I realize I enjoyed that more than I should. I start to see my skin changing colors in spots. Vivid colors begin to manifest and move up under the shirt. I try to bush it off but nothing happens. Feeling continues up my side as I take my shirt off. It looks like tattoos have appeared. I stop and fully look at myself in the mirror. I really am the girl of Ophelia's dreams.... Ophelia! I have to change back before she gets home! Who knows what she might do to me. I rushed back to where I left the book. I started my search again for some kind of way back.

Hours pass but I find no solution. Every spell I attempt doesn't seem to do anything. The door opens. "I'm home, how was your-" Ophelia freezes when she sees me. I open my mouth to explain myself but before I can, she says, "silence." Try as I might, I can't speak. "I see you finally took the bait," she says with a smile. "You turned out so well but now comes the fun part. You see the spell doesn't teach you how to be the woman of my dreams but that doesn't mean I can't. Of course, I could use a spell but where's the fun in that? So, allow me to explain what I want from you everyday. You will be my little house wife and I will inspect this place top to bottom. I want it spotless or else I will punish you by denying your ability to cum no matter how hard you try. Of course, that doesn't mean I'll make it easy for you ignore that fact. It'll be so cute to watch you try to get off while I enjoy some me time right in front of you." I could only sit there in silence as it all sinks in. "But if your a good girl, I'll show you what's in my other secret box." She has an almost devious smile as she finishes that statement. "Now be a good girl and get to cleaning. I'm going to go shop for some new outfits for you." She goes to the door but stops before leaving. "I guess you'll need a name. Felicia seems like a good fit this time." She opens the door. "Oh and don't bother running. The second you walk out the door, you'll be a Spanish maid that can't speak English with your only memory of being hired by me to clean my house." With that, she closed the door.

Now, I only have more questions..... What had I gotten myself into? What did she mean this time? Why didn't she just ask me to clean the house? And the one that worried me most, what is in her other box? The thought of her playing Mistress with me made me feel so weak, helpless..... and wet. I guess I should start cleaning. I don't want to know how it feels to be punished. I stand up to get started only drop the book on my foot. I attempt to scream but nothing comes out....

Which brings me to my next question. Will she ever let me speak again?


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