The Curse Of Eris

Hey loves, it's good to see you all again.

I was working on a new RP and playing with cap ideas all last week so I missed a post.

I'm hoping today's cap makes up for it. It's a monster.

I'm thinking about trying more multi-part caps for larger stories if I can find the images.

That's what a lot of it is. I'm just very image picky.

Also, there was a comment about putting just the text in each post for the caps so it can be auto translated. Truthfully, I never thought about that but I will start doing that. I just want quickly apologize for not thinking about beforehand.

This also means I'm going to change the blog layout a bit. I just don't want long stretches of text between posts more or less. People can jump in see what they want or save it and go to the next. (One thing to note- the way this is laid out now, you can change view styles up at the top.)

I have some of my old drafts still for some of the more recent caps and I'll probably go edit them to have them as well. Just know they may not be 100% the cap due to last minute changes.

One last thing, let me know in the comments if you like this style of comments. I really don't have a way of knowing if you guys are loving something or not if you don't.

With glowing yellow eyes of lust, I mean love,


There was a scream that interrupted my dreams. I could feel someone stir next to me. Soft breasts pressed against me as I opened my eyes. I could see my girlfriend in the doorway. I snapped fully awake realizing something was very wrong. I turned my head and saw a cute blonde girl cuddled up against me. My girlfriend's eyes could of killed both of us. Before I could say anything, she slammed the door and left. I knew it was over.

A giggle interrupted my thought followed by slight pleasure. The blonde girl next to me leaned in and locked lips with me. Her soft hand was wrapped around my cock as she began to stroke it. I couldn't hide that I was enjoying it. She slid on top of me as she removed her hand. A devilish smile was across her face. I don't know who she was but at the time I didn't care. It was like she had a spell over me. Her tight pussy pressed against my cock. Her fluids began leak onto my cock. I felt so submissive to her. I wanted nothing more than for her dominate me in ways I never have before. As she pushed her pussy onto my cock, my whole body went weak from pleasure. My mind went blank. I could only watch as she made my body hers.

She playfully teased my nipples with her tongue. Her slow strides pushed me close to an orgasm. The only thing that held me back was her tight grip on my cock. My throbbing cock's size betrayed me. Cum could only build up more and more but couldn't escape. She giggled as she felt my cum drizzle out from pressure. I started to feel very lightheaded. For a brief second, I swear I saw her eyes glowing yellow. I started to sweat from exhaustion. My labored pants were all I could do. I was hers. She leaned in and kissed me aggressively. The motion pushed my stuck cock to the limit. "I wonder how long you'll last," she whispered in a lustful tone. My whole body tensed up as she released her grip on my cock and I started to cum uncontrollably. It felt like an hour straight but it was probably only a minute. A stream of cum flowed out of her as she freed my cock from her body. The last thing I remember is her devilish smile and glowing yellow eyes. Everything went black.

I found myself in a strange dream. I saw a woman surrounded by men. She glistened with cum. Her hands were tightly wrapped around the two of the men's cocks and her lips wrapped around a third. She was riding a dildo the whole time. I watched her for what must of been hours before i felt a pair of hands wrap around me from behind. Their soft embrace traveled down my waist and to my crotch. I heard that woman's voice whisper in my ear, "you look so cute. I can't wait." Odd pleasure invaded my mind. I looked down and froze. My cock was gone. The woman's fingertips where inside me. I could only watch as she pulled a dildo out from my pussy. She let go and it fell to the fall. Her hands disappeared behind me as her giggle echoed in my mind. I could only stare at the dildo standing straight up at me. It looked just like my cock. I had to get it back in me. Maybe my cock would come back. I leaned over to pick it up but it wouldn't budge. I took a deep breath and began to lower myself. I was nervous but saw no other option and slid it inside me.

I don't want to admit how good it felt. I ignored the thought of riding it and continued down. I pushed it deeper and deeper hoping something would happen. When I felt it hit my deepest reaches, I couldn't help but moan. I could feel my fresh pussy juices leave my body. For second, I could only think about doing it again. I was lost in a fantasy of a man's cock inside me and not a dildo only for it to fade and remember what I was trying to do. Embarrassed, I looked around. The woman and men were gone. I quivered as I turned to look even more. No one was-

Suddenly, I something splashed against the side of my face. I turned but no one was there. I could feel a thick fluid running down my cheek. It's smell filled my senses. My mouth began to water. What was it? Scooping some off made my nearly drool. The aroma was overpowering. I barely noticed I was rocking up and down the dildo. The gooey white substance looked familiar on my hands. Another shot splashed on my face from a different direction. I turned but no one was there. Some of it got on my lip. Without thinking, I licked it up.

The flavor overwhelmed my senses for a moment. I closed my eyes and could only wish I knew where it was coming from. I needed more. I greedily licked my fingers clean trying to savor every drop. My body quivered. I'd forgotten the dildo my pussy was soaking in it's own juices. I wiped every drop off my face and consumed it. It wasn't enough. I ran my hands over my body. It was so smooth. My chest felt round and slick. To my delight, more of the fluid coated it. I didn't even care about the small breasts it covered. I just needed-

Something formed out of the corner of my eye. I saw a man standing next to me. He was naked and his cock was erect. A drop of the fluid formed from the tip and started to gain weight. It was about to fall! Without thinking, I hastily put his cock in my mouth. The flavor was even better. It was so thick.... so fresh.... I needed more. I started to move my lips up and down the cock. My cum covered fingers massaged his balls hoping it'd help more come out. The pre-cum only teased my taste buds. Another man walked up. His cock was erect as well. I used my free hand to milk his cock. He will be next. I used my tongue to tease the swelling tip. With a few more strokes, my mouth was filled with his precious fluids. I knew what it was now. I should be repulsed. As I pulled my mouth away from his cock and wrapped it around the next, I could only think about my next taste of sweet cum. It was everything- No, it was the only thing I wanted. I could only smile as another man walked up. I wrapped my hand around his cock.

Here I am riding a dildo, jerking two men off and giving another a blowjob in complete ecstasy. I don't know how long I've been doing here. Is this real? No, it's a dream. My girlfriend should be home soon. Girlfriend? Why would I have one of those? She wouldn't have the sweet cum I want. I remember the blonde girl and saving sex with her. Who was she? What did she mean how long will I last? I already filled her with my cum. But how? I don't have a cock..... Did I? Cum fills my mouth. I open my eyes and see a man with the blonde girl standing behind him. Who is he? The woman's eyes glow yellow as they lock with mine.

A scream jerks me awake. I see a woman standing in the doorway. Who is she? Where am I? She's yelling at me and calling me a whore as she grabs what looks to be clothes. I try to recall who she is but only remember her in a weird dream where I was a man. I sit up and feel the blankets slide off my body slightly. The woman continues to yell saying how I can tell my asshole cheater boyfriend that it's over. I don't have a boyfriend. Do I? I try to recall a man in my life only to remember my dream and it's pleasures. My pussy gets wet at the thought. It's feels so empty. I need cum.... The woman slams the door as she leaves.

I try to process what just happened but can only think about how thirsty I am.... I get up and go to bathroom. I stop when I see myself in the mirror. It's strange I don't remember looking like this. Was I always this short? Did I always have these tattoos? I cup my breasts. I thought they were bigger..... I turn the water on and fill a cup. I go to take a drink and nearly gag. It was awful! I've never tasted anything so bad in my life! I want cum. I lick my lips at the thought of it. I rush to find my phone. A smile forms when I see all the men in it. I pick one and message him. He seems to think I was someone else. I pretend to be this person's sister. I don't care that I just lied. All I need is to know he'll be here soon.

An hour passes and there's a knock at the door. He's here! I didn't even bother getting dressed and answer the door naked. A few more minutes and I had him right where I wanted him. My lips around his cock. It was like a primal urge took over as I sucked like an animal. A familiar voice whispers, "such a good little whore." I tried to remember whose voice it was but only only remember a pair of glowing yellow eyes. She was right. I am a good little whore but was I always like- My mouth fills with cum and interrupts my thoughts. I want something else. My crotch feels wrong. I move my fingers around it's wet entrance. It's..... It's so empty. The thought of putting the cock inside it is strange and yet appealing. I've never done that before. It starts to become all I can think about. My curiosity gets the better of me and I position myself over it. A hear familiar giggle and feel something push me down on the cock. My shock is quickly overpowered by pleasure. It's so warm..... so big.... so filling..... I need it to fill me. I start to slide myself up and down it. Every inch feels like a mile of pleasure. The voice returns, "isn't it everything you ever wanted?" It is. I want this. This is all I want. "Good. Give in." I already had. The pussy juices running out of me was more than proof.

What felt like hours passed. I don't know how many times I sucked his cock or his cock filled me with his cum. I feel so sleepy.

I woke up feeling different. The familiar thirst greeted me. Dried cum covered my face and crotch. I need to wash it off. I walked to the bathroom and when I saw myself. My breasts looked slightly larger and my tattoos had changed slightly. "You think I'm through with you, yet," a voice whispers. I saw a blonde woman peak around the doorway in the mirror. I turned and she wasn't there. Her giggle echoed down the hall and my phone vibrated. It was a message. Wait, there's tons of messages! Dozens of guys where texting me wanting to hook up. How do they- I notice I had been texting them all night all kinds of lewd things. I don't remember this. Another message pops up. It's.... It's so big.... I stare at the picture of the dick sent to me. I can't control myself and message him to come over right away. I drool at the sight and finger myself. I need it. It's going to make me so full. "It'll bring you even closer." Yes, I want to be whore. "I know you do. My curse made sure you will be."

I snap out of my fantasy. Curse? The blonde woman! She did this to me! For a second, I remember everything. I was a man. That woman was my girlfriend. I fucked my best friend! This can't be real. I hear her laughter fill my head. "It is and soon it'll be late my little whore." That's when I see her in the mirror fully for the first time. She was blonde with yellow eyes. Only this time, she had horns and her body was covered in a strange marking. It's a demon. No, it's a succubus. I have to get away! I quickly run for the door. I pull it open and slam into a man. Who is.... I remember the picture. He's so big..... I need his cum. I can't control myself. I slide my hand down his pants. I have to know if it's- It is.... I pull him inside and quickly give into every urge I have.... Again and again.....

A week has passed, this is me now. I hope you like the picture. It's exactly what I'm thinking about right now. It's all I can think about.....


  1. This is so dreamy-creamy, Ophe-Sama!
    So jealous of your writing abilities, in a good way though :)

  2. I believe that the second photo is not formatted/uploaded properly. Unable to view it larger than an icon, nor am able to open it. Thanks.


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