Cosplay Curse

Hey loves, how's everyone? It's a been a little crazy here. I'd complain about work but I know that's not why you came here.

The Haven is does monthly cap contests and this is my second entry. (The first was the Curse of Eris.")

I guess I'm on a curse kick at the moment. lol

I've got another long cap in the works at moment. It should be done by next Friday. I won't go into too much detail but it involves a little fertility treatment.

I have a few other large cap sets in the works as well.

For now, enjoy this fun little cap.

Aiwokomete, (With love,)


Cosplay Curse

The figurine's eyes twinkled. Wow, it's a Mako Mankanshoku figure imported from Japan! This is why I came to this convention! I could only stare in wonder. The detail! The colors! Everything about is was- That's when I saw the price..... If only I wasn't like Mako and broke. Disappointed, I could only watch as others walked up and looked at it. I held my breath hoping no one would buy it. It had to be mine!
I know what I have do. Watching the clerk, I got into position. I know this is wrong but I have not other option. When the clerk was busy, I slipped the figure into my pocket and hastily moved away. As I move, I felt faster with every step. I did it! It's all mine! I jumped with joy while running. The wind flew through my hair. I didn't notice myself slowly shifting. With each step, I changed more and more. The figure faded away as the transformation it fully set in. People are starting to take pictures of me. Why?
A woman with a camera stops me, "Wow great cosplay!" Cosplay? "Watashi wa ishō o kite inai," I say back. Wait, something isn't right. That sounded like Japanese but I don't- I slowly looked down and saw my outfit. "Tasukete! Watashi wa kono yō ni suru tsumori wanai!" I scream in shock. People begin to clap and take more pictures. I start to panic. "Look she's having a Mako moment," someone yells from the crowd. A Mako moment? But I'm not.... The figure! I start to pat myself over trying to find any sign of the Mako figure but I can't find any sign of it. This outfit doesn't have pockets..... I start to run, screaming.
A mirror! I have to find a mirror. I try to enter the men's bathroom only to feel a million eyes stare at me. "Mōshiwake arimasen. ... Machigatta heya...," I say trying to apologize.... I take a deep breath and close the door. It's slowly setting in that it really was the wrong room. I entered the girls room to the sight of half a dozen girls touching up their make up and comparing cosplays. I nervously walk in only to be stunned when I see myself in the mirror. I look just like the figure.... No... This can't be possible. I try to get the girls to help but they didn't understand me.... Why am I speaking..... The figure was imported..... from Japan. That must be why I can only speak Japanese...... I have to find help. I quickly leave the bathroom and search for help.
Hours pass but I haven't found anyone that can help. Each one thinks I'm acting like Mako and then they usually take a picture. I've already seen my picture all over cosplay sites. Another person! I run up to him and try to explain my situation slowly. "Tasukete! Watashi ga Mako ni naru hōhō. Watashi wa kore ga kurutta yō ni kikoeruga, jinbutsu ga watashi o kanojo ni kaeta!" I explain while running my hands up my body with a shocked expression. Please understand.... Please..... His phone flashes as it takes a picture. "Nice cosplay! It's so cool to see a Japanese cosplayer here in the states," he says with smile. Damnit.....

I wish I had subtitles....