The Treatment

Hey loves, welcome back. I've got another big one for you.

I mentioned last week, I was working on another set. I hope all of you enjoy this one.

I've been having a lot of fun writing them like this. It's one of those I can play with ideas I struggled with in the past doing them this way. I've always enjoyed writing more gradual transformations than instant.

It lets me play with more elements rather than focus on one or two like I have in the past.

Plus, it lets me use characters and elements from my Roleplays. Or, tell stories from them in a smaller setting.

On another note, next week I will be going out of state to see family and will put an auto post for Friday. Why I'm mentioning this is my next large set has several stand alone parts so I'll probably just post it in pieces.

With a syringe full of love,


The Treatment

Day One

My name is Dave. My wife and I have been trying to have a child for over a year with no results. Sadly, the doctors we saw said there was nothing they could do. We searched doctor after hoping someone could help us but no one could. Until we found a strange doctor. I say strange because she calls herself Ms. Cream. My wife got into contact with her and she said she could help us. I don't know the details of her treatment just that I must spend a week in her lab. I was told I have to do everything she says. My wife was very clear that if she asks something odd of me to do it without question. I know maybe our only chance at a family so I'm fully prepared to do whatever it takes.

As I arrive, I met Ms. Cream for the first time. She looks very professional and greets me with a smile. It's not long before she leads me inside. She explains that this is a privately funded laboratory that specializes in genetics and gene therapy. As we walk, I see other patients walk by. Most are women but there's a few nervous looking men. The nurses seem to be more assertive than most and their outfits are honestly a little too sexy. I watch as they take people to different rooms. It seems like there's a lot of patients here.

I'm lead into a room with one of the nurses waiting. Ms. Cream smiles and says she would be the one watching over me and making sure I stay on schedule. She leaves us alone. The nurse smiles and immediately walks up to me. She tells me to strip. I'm nervous but I strip down to my underwear. She looks and sighs. In a flash, she pulls my underwear down. Feeling exposed, I nervously watch as she begins to take measurements. She seems to be carefully inspecting my crotch and chest. I don't really know why though. After some jotting down some things on her clipboard, she prepares a syringe. Without any warning, she injects me in the shoulder with whatever is inside. Then she informs me they must drain out my sperm.

She makes a call and suddenly, very nervous woman walks in with a nurse. She's already naked and honestly very attractive. Her breasts seem to be swollen and her nipples are dark. It looks almost like she's lactating. I didn't get a chance to ask. Her nurse instructs her to have sex with me. Wait, I shouldn't do this..... I have a wife..... I remember her saying do whatever they ask.... Did she know that-?

I feel lips wrap around my exposed cock. I can only watch as she starts to move me examination table. I lay back as she continues to work on my cock. It feels so good. After a few minutes, I hear a nurse inform her that she isn't doing what is required for her treatment. I wonder what she means by that. With that, she moves up where I can her eye to eye. I watch as she lowers herself on my cock, slowly sliding it inside her tight pussy. She lets out a moan and brings to ride me. Her breasts bounce as she moves herself up and down. My cock starts to feel full. It starts to become tighter insider her as my cock swells like it hasn't before. The pleasure is mind numbing. Her moans get louder as she presses her body against mine. It's getting hard for her to ride me as she starts to lose herself in her own pleasure. I start to thrust only adding to her pleasure. She starts to tense up. Her pussy clutches my cock as she quivers into an orgasm. I can only join her as my cock erupts inside her. It feels more powerful than any orgasm I've ever experienced.

As I lay here panting, I can only wait for my cock to stop cumming. She's laying on me exhausted. She only makes a sound when my cock spurts more inside of her. It takes several minutes for it to stop. The nurses are watching closely. Sometimes, the check to see if my cock is still inside her. They move her slightly as they do. Every movement she makes only brings more out until my cock is shriveled up and limp. As it pops out of her cum filled hole, her nurse instructs her to come with her. Breathing heavy, she slowly lifts herself up. Cum starts to flow out of her as she moves. She whispers only one thing to me, "run."

Day Two

I wake up to the sound of my nurse knocking on my door. It was hard to sleep thinking about what had happened. Coming here and starting my treatment wasn't at all what I thought it'd be. After the woman that was supposed to have sex with me left, I was given another set of injections and was shown my room. I could only think about what she had told me, "run." What exactly kind of treatments do they do here?

The nurse comes in about thirty minutes later and leads me to the exam room. I nervously ask her what the treatments here are doing. She responds saying this section of the lab is the fertility section. It works with helping families have children and offers alternative solutions only offered here. She goes on explaining how they needed to remove all the sperm my body had before the treatment to prevent interference with the next stage of the treatment. The final treatment would grantee a child after intercourse.

I watch as she inspects my shriveled up cock. Strange, it's seems almost smaller. As she touches my balls, I feel a strange pleasure. They were so sensitive. My cock slowly swelled as she seemed to smile with delight. She slowly begins to stroke it. Pleasure slowly calms my nerves. I don't fully understand why she's doing this.... My cock doesn't seem to get very hard. She keeps at it until a small stream of cum dripped out of my cock and she took a sample. I hear her say everything is progressing as planned. Then she moves to my chest, more specifically my nipples. Her touch makes me wince in pain. They are so tender. They look almost puffy. Pain shoots through me as she squeezes them. I jump back. She calmly makes a note and says I need a booster.

After a series of boosters, I'm done for the day and told to go to my room. I'm not sure what she was doing with my chest..... It was almost like she was trying to see if something would come out.....

Day Four

I'm woke up by the growing familiar sound of my nurse knocking on my door. It's my fourth day here and yet, I don't think I'm making any progress despite what my nurse says. Yesterday, I couldn't even get hard and my balls seemed like they were gone. My chest hurts. As I roll over, I feel an unexpected shift in movement. I almost freeze. Looking down, I notice my chest has swollen to what almost looks like a small pair of breasts. I panic and start to look myself over. I knew yesterday my body seemed to be shrinking a bit but now I'm much more petite. I look almost feminine.... As I move my hand down my now hairless body, I stop at my crotch. As shock fills me, I notice nothing more remains of my cock besides its head. If only that was the worst of it.... A small pink slit was where my balls should be.... I remember the words of the woman from the first day, run. No.... She was.... Their turning me into woman!

I rush towards the door. I have to get out of here. I pull the door open only to be greeted by the nurse. I try to push by her only for her to grab my arm. Try as I might, I can't seem to get free. I'm just so weak now. She smiles almost devilishly, "It seems you have figured it out." I have to get free. I continue to struggle only to feel a pinch in my arm. I look and see a syringe being pulled out. Everything starts to get foggy..... What was that? My whole body becomes sluggish. In my blurry vision, I see Ms. Cream, "take the subject to mental treatment room. We can be-" I black out.

"You are a house wife, a loving servant and a dutiful mother. You are a house wife, a loving servant and a dutiful mother," I wake up to that phrase over and over again. Where I am? I try to move my hands but can't. I struggle for a second only to realize I'm restrained. The sight of a now larger pair of breasts only confirms my fears. I look forward and see a TV showing strange images over and over again. It looks like a house wife going about her day then she'll be heavily pregnant then nursing and taking care of children only for it all to start over again. "Looks like someone is awake." That voice.... it belongs to Ms. Cream. She walks into sight and smiles, "I hope you’re comfortable." I tell her to fuck off. She laughs, "Oh, I knew you'd fun. Your wife said you'd resist." My wife.... she does know. "I told her not to worry. She'd have all the children she wanted very soon and you would love every second of your new role in life," she says while prepping a device, "now be a good little wife!" She suddenly forces a dildo like device into my pussy. The sensation catches me by surprise. I struggle but it doesn't take long for her to lock it in place. With a flip of a switch, I feel it starts to move the dildo back and forth. Pleasure invades my body as I let out a soft moan. I notice a tank full of fluid. "Now be a good girl and accept the next step of your treatment," she says walking out. I try to call her a bitch but it's interrupted by a moan. "You are a house wife, a loving servant and a dutiful mother," as that phrase finishes, I feel my pussy filled with fluid. God.... It feels so good....


I am a house wife.... I don't know how long I've been down here.... The tank is almost emp- Suddenly, an orgasm overwhelms me as more fluid fills me. My body quivers with pleasure. I am a loving servant...... My chest has swollen larger than I thought possible. Sometimes, my nipples start to ache and milk streams out. My whole body is so sensitive. I crave more.... No.... I crave something else. Every time the woman nursing appears on the TV, I get emotional. Jealousy and longing fill my mind. I want what she has.... I am a dutiful mother.... I need to feel one insi- "How are we doing?" I hear heels clicking towards me. I know that voice, it's Ms. Cream. She smiles with delight as she sees me. "My my look how you turned out," she says with delight. Her hands move over my body as she starts to inspect it. I don't know why but I want to yell at- An orgasm overtakes all my thought as the machine fills me with fluid again. I can feel milk dripping off my nipples. For a second, I fantasize a man just filled me with cum. She's looking at her watch, "right on time." The machine stops and she pulls it out slowly. She almost laughs as I moan. "Now what are you?" Without thinking I respond, "I am a house wife, a loving servant and a dutiful mother." Her smile turns almost sinister, "good, you’re ready for the final part of the treatment." She unties me and leads me out of the room.

She takes me to a nice looking room where my nurse is waiting for me. "Prep her," is all Ms. Cream said as she left me alone with the nurse. The nurse smiles and begins to put make up on me. I sit patiently. I am a good house wife.... I need to look beautiful. I start to wonder what they are preparing me for. I try to think back but it's hard. I just remember a pretty lady making me feel good. Her pussy was so full! I wonder if she got- I hear the speaker chime with Ms. Cream's voice, "everything is ready. Let's finish her treatment." With that, the nurse leads me out of the room and down the hall.

We arrive to a man sitting on a bed and a nurse explaining something to him. He's naked and his cock is getting hard at the sight of me. The nurses smile at each other. The other nurse says to the man, "I need to you have sex with this woman." The words alone get me wet. The man looks confused but I don't care. I make my way to him and start to rub his cock. It's so warm in my hand... It's going to feel so good... It will make me a mother.... I get on the bed and on my hands and knees. I present my pussy to him. I feel him stand up. No... I need this... A nurse speaks, "sir, this is the first step of your treatment. You must empty all your old sperm." I hear him sigh and suddenly pleasure as his cock slides into my pussy. Yes! This is it! My whole body starts to react and encourage him. I move as he does each time trying to get him deeper inside me. Each time he gets closer.... Each time I get closer... His cock continues to swell. I can feel his pulse throbbing throughout my body. It's almost too much... My breasts are rocking back and forth. They seem to only be getting.... Oh!... heavier. His cock is getting so big.... It's almost getting stuck. He keeps pushing deeper but not pulling back as far. I start to feel spurts of cum. It's driving me crazy. I need more... Without thinking, my hips start to rock back and forth wedging him deeper until pleasure over takes me. His cock pressed against my cervix.... I clench my pussy around his cock as I'm completely over taken by a powerful orgasm.....

For a moment..... My mind goes completely blank. I can't think.... I just relax.... I can feel his hot cum filling my womb. My job is done..... No.... My treatment is over....

I don't know how long it took for him to finish. It felt like forever. Every time he moved, more cum shot out and I'd go numb again. By the time he pulled out, cum covered my thighs and was running down my legs. I am.... a dutiful.... mother....

Seven Months Later

After a few weeks, I was allowed to go home. My wife and her new husband were so happy to see me. Part of my treatment was learning how to be the perfect house wife for them. I spend my days cleaning and cooking. They gave me a new name. Well, I couldn't remember mine before the treatment. So, they call me Desiree. I know I like it. A good house wife loves everything her spouse give her. Everything is perfect.

Well almost..... Sometimes, I have strange thoughts and start to panic. It makes me a bad housewife for a bit. But, the good doctor Ms. Cream drops by for a checkup and makes everything better. She's always so nice to me and makes me feel so much better. I love being a loyal servant to my family. I want to make them happy.

(Kick) Oh yeah, the baby is getting really big. I can't wait to be a mother. It's part of my duty to my family. My wife and I are even talking about having more. I hope so. I love this feeling. It helps to remind me there's no escape.... Wait that's not right... It helps remind me I'm a going to be a mother. I will be a good mother. My breasts are so full of milk. Sometimes they start to leak and make a mess. But, it's okay. I simply brainwash, I mean wash my clothes.

Ow.... My head is really starting to hurt. I need to run.... to the store? No, I've already gone this week..... I need help.... "Honey.... I need help." My wife walks in, "it's okay Desiree. I put your favorite movie on to help you relax. Don't worry about a thing. Ms. Cream will be here tomorrow to make you feel all better." I smile. I'm so lucky to have her..... I walk into the living room and sit down slowly. I sink into the couch and listen to my favor movie.....

"You are a house wife, a loving servant and a dutiful mother." I don't know why this is so relaxing..... Or why it makes me so horny.....


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