Thursday, April 21, 2016

Outbreak (Part one)

Careful loves one of my experiments has escaped. I really hope she doesn't cause to much trouble until she gets caught.

Serious note I'm about to hit 20k views and I looking for ideas to celebrate. Last few times I did big caption parties which is still up to be done but I was curious if there was any thing people wanted over just a bunch of randoms. Just comment ideas, I'm pretty open to just about any thing.

Till next time loves,


Friday, April 15, 2016

Seeds of Corruption (Part one)

Ladies and soon to be ladies, I'm announcing the launch of my newest game, Seeds of Corruption. After a lot of planing and debating I've decided that I want to work more on what I made the blog about originally and have finally found my calling as a captioneer. I've never had so much fun writing captions I hope you all enjoy them. I plan to have more of them released soon.

With love


Friday, April 8, 2016

Happy Wives Happy Lives

I'm back loves and after two 60 hour work weeks I finally bring you new captions. To celebrate my beautiful wife's birthday (yesterday) I bring you five brand new wives. I hope you enjoy.

I should be back normal posting now. I'm thinking about doing a more anime captions than just one here and there. I'm honestly having a blast writing them but I don't want to just be anime caps so I'm hoping to make it more of an even mix. I thought maybe doing 6 caps with 3 and 3 being the goal. Let me know what you think.

With returning love,