Down the Rabbit Hole and Last day to Vote for Episode Two!

Hexing House- Episode One is here!

Hiding in Plain Sight and Quick update

Hexing House in Production and My Bundle of Joy is Here!

Haven Contest Entry- A Wish for Adventure And The House Maybe Full But Still Looking for Entries!

Outbreak- Denial and The Hexing House is Still Looking for Some Contestants!

Request- Dollhouse and Calling all Contestants!

Outbreak- Sweet Relief, New Project Announcement and a Few Personal Updates

I'm Back Loves!

Day Twelve- Product Testing

Day Eleven- Toy vs Toy

Family Emergency (October Event delayed)

Day Ten- Deal with the Devil

Day Nine- Brothel- The Prep Talk

Day Eight- Outbreak- Cured?

Day Seven- Utopia- The Failing Student

Day Six- Utopia- Birth of the Flower Maidens

Day Five- Circe's Island- Momma Bear

Day Four- Utopia- Becoming the Enemy

Day Three- Piano Lessons

Day Two- Utopia- Cat Scratch

Day One- Outbreak- The Gang Bang

The 31 Transformations of Halloween

Utopia- The Amazon and Her Toy/ The Servers are Back Up

Utopia- Collared and Punishment

Outbreak- Trying to resist

The Utopia Project Preview- The Contract

Technical Issues Have Occured

Oops, I think the Outbreak as returned.

Every Magican Has Their Secrets

The Amazing Alice Appears!

Exciting History? (Haven August Caption Contest Entry)

You should really read the bottle first

Quick cap and Current status on blog

Quick Set and My New Series is ago!!!

100k views Caption-thon