Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hexing House in Production and My Bundle of Joy is Here!

Hey loves, I wanted do a really quick update. Hexing House is in the works right now and is my primary focus caption wise. After the first episode is up the next set up polls will go up. I'm going to also make images of just text so those who want to save the series for themselves can.

Secondly, two days ago my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world! I'm so excited to be a parent and I can't wait for the new adventures.

Lastly I'm leaving you ladies with a quick caption from a trade at the Have.

With Parental Love,


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Haven Contest Entry- A Wish for Adventure And The House Maybe Full But Still Looking for Entries!

Hey loves, welcome back. Today I have a bit of a different kind of caption for you all. I usually don't do ones like this but Haven was having a contest and I wanted to throw myself into the ring. The theme was fairy tales. So today, I present to you a little fairy tale of my own. I hope you enjoy the tale.

The Haven does the competitions monthly and readers vote on their favorites and you know how I love voting. Link to the competition and all it's entries are here.

Now for some shameless repetitive promoting. I have 14 entries as of now but I'm still accepting them until the polls for the first episode close.  If you haven't made one yet, you still have a chance to get in. I'll be going through them all after the polls close and announce the official contestants. Then I'll start working on the Episode itself.

Enjoy the story and I hope to see you all soon,


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Outbreak- Denial and The Hexing House is Still Looking for Some Contestants!

Welcome back loves, today I have a caption for my friend Vision from Rachael's Haven. I hope everyone enjoys this tale of someone who clearly isn't infected.

I also really quickly wanted to add some info on Hexing House I may have missed. It's just a few minor things really nothing that effects the rules or anything.

First, each episode will have theme. The first one is simply "Getting into Character." Our contestants are going to see a new side of themselves for the first time.

Second, The competitions that are up for voting will not return next episode. After voting ends, it'll be a whole new set of competitions for the next one.

Lastly, just some general expectations. I honestly had low expectations at first. I didn't think anyone would vote and I don't expect every one to vote or make a character honestly. I hope you all do but if you don't it's fine. This is a massive experiment to see how something like this will play out. So far this has received far more support than I thought it would and I want to thank all of you for that.

So far, I've got eight contestants and I'm hoping that I'll get the rest from you guys. I do wanna thank those who made a character based on my request. I really didn't want to do that and if you girls want you are more than welcome to make another entry. Honestly, everyone can make as many as you want. I'm just going to try to make it contestant that makes it into the house per person. If I have to take doubles I will but only as a last result. It's not that I don't want to make an entry or fill in the blanks just I don't want to seem like I have favorites or I've rigged it where I win. I want this to be your game, not mine. I'm just the host.

With love,


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Request- Dollhouse and Calling all Contestants!

Welcome back loves, it is time! First I want to show off the first request caption. This is shows one of the new ideas I've been playing with for a new Brothel series.

Today also marks the start of The Hexing House. Let's go over the rules.

The Show- The Hexing House is the latest reality show. Twelve men will be isolated and put through a series of challenges that will have them doing things they didn't think possible. Each Episode, one will be eliminated until only one is left standing. Only then will he be granted one wish.

Episodes- Episodes will be told through a series of text and captions. Each one will feature a challenge, twist and elimination chosen by the readers through the polls. Then there will be a twist, controlled by Ophelia's Character

Polls- Polls will be posted with each new episode that will determine the events of the show. The polls will control at least things each week. (Challenge, Winner and Elimination Transformation) unless stated otherwise. (example- first Episode the Twist and Elimination transformation are the same vote) There will always be at least 3 options. The polls will close after one week late at night for all you late voters.

Challenges- These are what keep your contestants in the game and mostly will be told through text will at least 2 captions highlighting different contestants. Challenges are determined by voting only

Winner- The winning contestant is guaranteed to make it to the next episode. Note: for the first 4 episodes winning contests will be removed from the polls to avoid favorites and after wards will be removed only for the next episode until the final 4 (Note the first winner will be random)

Elimination Transformation- The last contestant to finish the challenge will be transformed and sentenced to a new life. This will always be a caption.

Twist- The twist is unique as it's controlled mostly by Ophelia's Character. The option with the least amount of votes will be eliminated and Ophelia will pick between the remaining two. These can change the stats of Contestants and could even TF them a bit. This will mostly be through text with a few captions here and there.

Ophelia's Character- A character controlled by Ophelia. The first losing contestant will become this character and is my only direct control of the show. She will be secretly warpping the contestants and making the game more interesting. This character will not be effected by it's own twists and can not compete in anyway

Contestants- These are the stars fighting for victory and fearing defeat. Twelve enter one leave. You ladies will be create them and cheer them on!

Contestant Creation Sheet







Sex appeal/Lust:

36 points

How stats effect the contestant: One of the biggest effects is it'll effect victory and event voting. For instance if quiz challenge happens a characters with higher Intelligence will get bonus votes for winning the challenge and with the hidden effects it can give some one a higher chance to be eliminated from the game depending on the challenge and how likely certain events will happen to the contestant. Each stat will also have secret effects that only Ophelia will know. You will have 36 stat points to add with a minimum of 1 and maximum of 10 for each.

Use the comments or gmail me your contests (just use the request box if you want)

These are the basics of the series. This is a huge experiment and I hope all of you participate in it. The polls for the first Episode are up.

Let the game begin!


*Update: It's only been 24 hours and we have six contestants entered!!! This is going to be good one. If only we had some more strong men entering. (hint hint) I'm so excited to how many of you have already shown your interest and support. Let's make this something special.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Outbreak- Sweet Relief, New Project Announcement and a Few Personal Updates

Welcome back loves, I wanted to let you girls know I haven't forgotten about you. Work schedule got flipped out of nowhere and my home town has been having power issues (I had almost 4 captions lost to random power loose) so I have been in kinda a weird position but anytime I have down time, I just try get creative.

I think you'll love my new project, The Hexing House. The Hexing House will be a TG/TF game show where 12 men are put on an island out in the ocean. They will face all kinds of challenges and transformations were the losers will found out how permanent the changes really can be and the winner will be granted on wish.

But here's the fun part, I want you ladies to choose what happens in The Hexing House and challenges they face. After each captions set of that "Episodes" I will put of a new set of polls and you lovely ladies will vote on everything from the weeks competition to the random twists (like a single bottle of laced milk) These effects and some random outcomes (have some dice ready) will decide how the week goes for our campers.

I will also put out a character sheet soon and I want you ladies to create our characters. I'm still working all the details on this one but I will have a way for you to create your own camper who will have a chance to be in the house. I'm looking for 12 total. I hope that all of you vote and have your voice heard. This is still a couple of weeks off but I hope to have all fleshed out and ready soon.

And now for just a quick personal update. I try to keep my personal very separate from this. This isn't no secret or anything (actually my wife helps me write some captions) but my wife's and I's firstborn child is due in a few weeks so this will probably effect my scheduling a little bit. But I'm not going to stop captioning and honestly I'm very thankful for you all. I know I say this a lot but thank you all for your support. I never dreamed of being a well known captioneer. I thought this was just going to be something that I wouldn't get anywhere and just give up one day but here I am now after almost a year of doing this and I don't wanna stop.

With love,